Método Secreto para Ganar 450 Euros Al Mes Con Encuestas

Esta galería contiene 2 fotos.

Hola amigos y amigas de este maravilloso mundo del internet marketing, por acá ando de nuevo con nuevo método comprobado para ganar 45o Euros mensuales llenando encuestas sin invertir un solo céntimo de tu bolsillo y luego lo puedas invertir … Sigue leyendo

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Nueva Estrategia Para Ganar 1 Dolar Diario Sin Hacer Nada Por Internet

Hola amigo emprendedor el día de hoy quiero compartirte un informe confidencial que pensé vender por acá en internet denominado ” INFORME ESPECIAL PARA EMPRENDEDORES QUE QUIEREN GANAR DINERO SIN HACER NADA”,
libro de negocio para ganar dineor desde casa facilmente
Pero se me ablando el corazón y decidí regalar a mis amigos para que también aprovechen esta estrategia para ganar dinero todos los días sin hacer nada, ahora no se por cuánto tiempo lo haga, así que aprovecha y descárgalo ahora mismo y pon en práctica lo que te enseño para ganar ingresos extras.

Ahora quiero aclararte que esta no es mi fuente principal de ingresos mi fuente principal de negocios, es el negocio multinvel que actualmente estoy desarrollando, solo comparto esto por que se que hay personas que todavía no han ganado nada en internet y necesitan dinero electrónico para comprar por ejemplo un dominio u otro servicio y no lo han podido hacer por que no saben como, yo he estado hay sin dinero electrónico para comprar algo que necesito en internet se lo que se siente, esa es la razón no una económica.

Primero haz clic ahora mismo en la imagen para descargar el archivo confidencial de 13 hojas de puro valor y después clic derecho guardar, para tenerlo en tu computador


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gato muere

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Nuevas Estrategias del Video Marketing del Año 2014 “Ya Están Aquí” Video Genesis

video marketing
las nuevas estrategias del año 2014 ya están aquí con la novedades que traen Mike Filsaime y Andy Jenkins, esta nuevas estrategias parte desde los 34 errores mas comunes entre los que hace video marketing, la verdad hace tiempo no salia un material tan poderoso con relación al vídeo marketing, yo recomiendo utilizar estas estrategias si quieres estar a la vanguardia de lo ultimo en vídeo marketing, entonces que tienes que hacer? acceder desde el botón de abajo y registrarte mientras puedas por que los cupos son limitados para ingresar al video genesis con Mike Filsaime y Andy Jenkins


El mudulo mas poderoso de todo este curso es “Mercader con tu Video” es en donde la diversion comienza en serio, por es donde vas a aprender a diferenciarte de los demas marketer del comun y correinte que creen que con crear un video ya todo esta listo, y no es asi , aqui en este modulo aprenderas las verdadeas estrategias avanzadas del próximo año 2014 que se utilizan en este tiempo.


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CPA Marketing Fail

 CPA marketing is a hot topic. Turning web visitors into money is high on the list for lots of website owners and bloggers. Everybody is already using Google AdSense and they might not like the results that they are getting. Enter CPA networks and the information available online. Bloggers and website owners then hear about CPA offers and it starts to sound really good. You don’t have to make a sale to earn money. There are CPA offers called email submits and zip code submits that just require a small bit of information in order to earn a commission. It seems really simple, but getting it to really work is a different thing.

Not making money with CPA

Getting past the gate keepers at the CPA network is just the start. They have an approval process that can be time consuming. They ask a bunch of questions and you have to answer them correctly just to get started. The real work starts after getting that approval.

Writing Articles

Failing at writing articles. One of the ways that you can spend a lot of time is writing articles for the directories. This is a free way to try to get traffic, but it could still lead ot failure. The hope is the you can write articles and get them picked up by other web developers. They publish your articles and you get traffic to your offers. The reality might not deliver the results that you want. CPA offers might not last that long. You might be writing articles and the offer disappears. This can feel like a total failure. The other downside to writing articles is doing all the writing work and then not getting any traffic at all. You log into your article directory accounts and see that the article that you created is not getting any views at all. Sigue leyendo

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Pay Per View (PPV) – The Cheap and Cost Effective Way of Generating Traffic to CPA Offers

CPA marketing or the Cost Per Action marketing is an online advertising strategy and payment model in which payment is based solely if a qualifying or valid action has been made. These actions can be in the form of registration, subscription or sales. CPA is also known as PPA or Pay Per Action.

Most Internet marketers use Pay Per Click (PPC) to generate traffic into their websites. Through the years, it has been proven that PPC is truly the bedrock of driving massive traffic. However, using such strategy can be costly. For high ranking keywords, one may have to bid and pay prices ranging from $5 to $30 per click. Sometimes, the prices may be higher for highly competitive keywords or if you want to have a targeted traffic.



To ease the burden you have and the headaches and unwanted extra expenses is another advertising strategy emerging onto the Internet CPA marketing real – the PPV or Pay Per View Marketing.

What is Pay Per View (PPV Marketing)?
This advertising and marketing concept is not actually new. It has been used by TV networks since 1981 to encourage people to purchase private shows such as major sporting events and watch them via cable networks at the comfort of their home. Now, it did let itself to be left out as technology advances. PPV has finally made its way in the Internet.

What is Internet PPV marketing anyway? Internet PPV is known as the Adware. These are pop-up or pop-under window traffics which are generated from various Pay Per View advertising networks. Such form of traffic is much targeted as you have complete control over your targeted areas. A target can be a keyword, a phrase or even a whole domain URL. Moreover, it may be the solution to the costly PPCs for you can buy PPV traffic for as low as $0.002.

Usually an adware is downloaded to a computer and offer you freebies and stuffs such as screensavers, emoticons, desktop games, wallpapers and many other useful programs. Examples include kazaa.com, vomba.com and zango.com which both offer you screensavers for free in exchange for receiving advertisements from them.

Pay per View vs. Sypware
Adware is not a spyware. Spyware is form of software that installs itself to your system without your knowledge. During its stay, it can basically do anything with it – from your IP info, browsing history change your homepage, collects several data and can even get your computers infected with virus. Spyware is an illegal and unethical software program.

Adware on the other hand are 100% opt-in. This means that you are the one who downloaded the said program you are fully aware of the advertisements that you will be receiving. More so, most PPV networks are accredited with etrust.org (eTrust Symbol). Having this symbol ensures users like you that the program has undergone several protocols to make sure that they are safe for download. Also, you need to accept the End User License Agreement before you can even download and use the adware.

Unlike with spyware that is very hard to remove unless you purchase yourself with an anti-spyware program, adware can easily be removed by just clicking the uninstall option.

Pay Per View – a Powerful Advertising Tool
Aside from being cheap and cost effective, PPV marketing is a great way to generate traffic to your CPA offers as you can make an account to a PPV network and bid on your targeted keywords or URLs. Whenever an adware user does a research on your keywords or had browse in one of your targeted domains, your advertisements will surely pop-up or pop-under, whatever your choice may be, to the user’s window. This is called the Laser Targeted Traffic wherein the traffic is directly targeted to a specific user needs.

As you can see, these advertisements are so powerful because one cannot definitely ignore them easily. Your ads, your landing page, your products and affiliated products are just in front of their eyes!

CPA Offers and PPV Marketing
As mentioned earlier, CPA or the Cost Per Action is wherein a user needs to make a qualifying action such as downloading a software from the advertiser or simply just by filling out a form.

CPA Advertisers generally provides you payout that ranges from $0.25 to $3.50 for a submission of an email to as high as $140 for longer forms. An example of a CPA offer that gives a $4.00 payout for a lead is Match.com.

What makes PPV attractive to users is that they are not obliged to purchase anything. All they have to do is to enter some information. Once they completed the form, you earn the commission. Because of the cheap traffic, high paying CPA offers can greatly provide you high commissions as well. If for example you are promoting a $30 CPA offer and you are paying $0.01 for your pop-up or pop-under advertisements, you only need to have 1 lead for every 3,000 targeted advertisements to breakeven. If you want to double or triple your money, you just need to have 2 and 3 leads, respectively.

It is not actually a difficult thing to do as long as you are bidding with the appropriate targeted keywords and domain URLs.

How To Start
1. Sign up for your PPV network. There are actually 5 major PPV networks. These are Zango, Traffic Vance, AdOn Network, Media Traffic and Clicksor. If you are a newbie in PPV, Zango or Media Traffic can be your best choice.
2. You also need to have a CPA network. You can sign up with affiliate.com, Neverblue, Market Leverage or Hydra. You just have to be sure that you are promoting the right offers. Usually it takes about a day or to finish your sign up with both the PPV and CPA networks.
3. Go to Google or Yahoo & Live and search for your targeted keywords or key phrases.
4. Your search engine results will give you 2 sets of results – the inorganic or the natural results and the paid or sponsored results. List your top 10 results together with its URLs in both natural and paid results in Excel spreadsheet or notepad. Do the process again in each of your targeted keywords.
5. Once you have your list of 10 to 20 keywords in each of the 3 major search engines, you now have a decent set of URLs to start with. Just upload your list of URLs to your PPV network.

It is as simple as that. You do not need to create your own page or register yourself with any particular domains. PPV is surely an easy and cost effective way of generating traffic with CPA offers.


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PPV Traffic Tips

It probably seems like every traffic-generating strategy you use on the Internet is designed to work with PPC or search engine optimization. Yet, there are other options.


For the marketer with the right plan, pay per view marketing can be an extremely successful way to generate traffic and convert that traffic to sales.

PPV traffic is entirely different than what you might be used to. Whereas many other forms of paid traffic revolve around very general or very specific targeting, PPV traffic lets you target specific websites, actions, and users.

Whenever someone installs a piece of shareware or freeware, there may be any number of ad generating programs that get tacked on with it. If you’ve ever seen the terms and conditions when installing something, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

The software will collect data about the users’ web surfing habits – the sites they visit, the content they read and more. In short, the PPV companies learn everything about the users that visit popular content sites on which you can advertise.

You, as an advertiser, can then advertise your banners or popunders to visitors who have toolbars or software installed on their PCs. Then, your ads will only appear for users who visit sites you specifically choose to appear for.

Developing a PPV Traffic System

To get your PPV traffic system put together, you first need to develop a plan that will allow you to reach as many people as possible without spending too much money. You also need to be sure those people you’re reaching are the right people. You won’t want your ads appearing for sites that don’t relate to your niche.

For this, you’ll want to use sites like Google Ad Planner, QuantCast, and Compete.com. These sites provide a wide array of demographic research tools for any major website, showing you who visits the site, when they visit, and how much content they absorb.

If you are selling a series of dog training products, you might enter “dogchannel.com” into Google AdPlanner to see who the most common visitors are and their demographic range. Don’t worry, you’re not buying advertising on Dog Channel.

You’re just using this as a baseline for your target leads. The Ad Planners will then help you develop an affinity to target other sites in the market.

In the case of DogChannel.com, you’ll see that 100,000 unique visitors come to this site, the top keyword searched for is “dog breeds”, and sites with high affinities include ShopAnimalNetwork.com and YourPureBredPuppy.com, among others.

And if you’re interested in actual ads on this site, Google will show the reach of those ads, the formats, and the placement offered. The pricing is not available here, but you can usually find the ad network from the site itself. But, for now, we want to find good PPV ad networks.

Determining Where to Advertise

Once you have a better idea of what your target demographic is and where traffic is generated, you can find a good PPV advertising network to show your ads on.

At the moment, TrafficVance.com is among the best out there, with MediaTraffic.com and LeadImpact.com also providing a huge variety of options for marketers in search of solid PPV traffic.

Each of these sites allows you to target only sites and visitors that will match your specific offer. But, more importantly, you can optimize your campaigns by changing your bids and budgets to meet whatever sales goals you may have. It’s easy to get analytics data that shows you whether your impressions are converting.

If they are not converting, you’ll simply shift your ad spend to different sites, ensuring better return on investment. In short, you’re telling websites around the world what kind of visitor you want to see your ad. You choose where the visitors come from, when they see it, and how often that ad will appear.


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El plugins afiliado encubierto es una estafa

Hola vamos al grano,hace unos meses  una prueba con el plugins afiliado encubierto, me pareció algo interesante proteger mi enlaces de afiliado y asegurar mi cookies, al poco tiempo note que mis ventas ne clickbank.com bajaron, fui a revisar la pagina que tanto me costo posicionar y la sorpresa fue esto.


Como afiliados no nos podemos dejar llevar por pócimas mágicas y los super megas secretos de los guros con sus plugins mágicos como este de afiliado encubierto que nos pueden hacer perder tiempo y trabajo o peor aun cuentas en  afiliados, por esos no recomiendo utilizar este plugins ya que los resultados son funestos  y  es una verdadera estafa, bueno esos 37 dolaritos se perdieron.

recuerda compartir estos en la redes sociales para que todos se enterende la verda de afiliadoencubierto

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Graph Search la Nueva Herramienta de Busqueda de Facebook

Facebook lanza su nuevo proyecto Graph Search, es una herramienta de busqueda que funcionara dentro de la interfaz de facebook, con la busca quedarse con parte de la torta del negocio de publicidad  que domina Google.


Los resultados en Graph Search se optimizan según las preferencias sociales de cada usuario: las fotos, lugares etc. con mayor actividad y compartidos por las personas más cercanas al usuario se muestran primero.

La herramienta también añade funcionalidades de búsqueda avanzada. Se puede buscar por escuela, por ciudad, por contactos en común

Los resultados son bastante más gráficos que los de Google. Facebook trabajó mucho en modificar su interfaz.

La interfaz de Facebook cambiará para acomodar esta nueva barra de búsqueda. La usual caja de texto blanca será reemplazada por una caja de búsqueda y un logo de FB.

Los resultados en Graph Search se optimizan según las preferencias sociales de cada usuario: las fotos, lugares etc. con mayor actividad y compartidos por las personas más cercanas al usuario se muestran primero.

Facebook dice que la herramienta también es útil para encontrar candidatos para un puesto, pues pudee mostrar personas que hayan registrado experiencia en ciertos cargos en sus hojas de vida.

Lo que hace el buscador es que combina los diferentes tipos de información que están en Facebook, las procesa y se las muestra al usuario. Otro ejemplo: “fotos de mis amigos tomadas en París”

Incluso permite filtrar los resultados por la fecha en la que la foto fue tomada. Se podrán buscar “fotos tomadas antes de 1990″, y el resultado seguro serán algunas imágenes vergonzosas de los ‘amigos’ de la red social.

Graph Search también sirve para buscar servicios que estén filtrados por las recomendaciones de los amigos, como dentistas.

 La funcionalidad solo estará disponible inmediatamente “para una audiencia muy limitada en inglés de Estados Unidos“. En este Sitio de Facebook  pueden inscribirse en la lista de espera para probar .
Zuckerberg dice que “podrían” hacer una API, pero no están concentrados en eso por ahora. Tampoco quieren hacer negocio con la herramienta desde el día 1 –aunque es fácil prever cosas como resultados patrocinados aquí–, pues “estamos concentrados en construir la experiencia de usuario”. Zuckerberg confirma que hubo colaboración con el equipo de Bing en el desarrollo de esto. No hay comentarios sobre si se quiso trabajar con Google.
La razón por la que la alianza fue con Microsoft y no con Google, según Zuck, tiene que ver con que Google no es tan rápido como Facebook a la hora de remover contenidos que los usuarios quieran sacar de la nube. Facebook ha tenido problemas con eso en el pasado; habrá que hacer pruebas para ver si es cierto.
Graph Search realmente es un proyecto enorme que tomará años y años para indexar todo el mapa y la gráfica, pero realmente estamos emocionados sobre la gente, las fotos y los intereses hoy”. Lo que sigue es traducirlo a más idiomas, hacerlo compatible con los móviles y algo llamado ‘Open Graph

Zuckerberg afirmo que Graph Search será lanzado al público “en las próximas semanas y meses”


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Las Razones Del Por Que Tener Un Negocio En Internet

Las Razones Del Por Que Tener Un Negocio En Internet: Un negocio virtual se refiere a aquel emprendimiento que opera con una mínima presencia física. Puede ser que el inicio del negocio se necesite más esfuerzo e invertir tiempo más que ningún otro recurso. Pero después de que ya este dodo andando pueden estar trabajando en piloto automático sin nuestra presencia física.

Es muy atractiva la posibilidad de establecer nuestros propios horarios, y la de tener cerca a nuestra familiar entre otras ventajas así como:

Sigue leyendo

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Pasándome A Ubuntu 12.04 Sin Perder La Cabeza

Hace unas semanas me animé a hacer algo que llevaba intentando desde que tengo ordenador: adoptar una distribución de Linux como sistema operativo principal. Y Ubuntu acabó por ser la elegida tan pronto fue lanzada la versión 12.04, sobre todo por la compatibilidad con el clickpad de mi portátil.Hoy puedo decir que soy usuario de Ubuntu y que no echo nada de menos. Sigue leyendo

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